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Temporary Boat Shed – Progress


More progress on the temporary boat shed, the rain stopped for a few days allowing me to manufactured 7 of the 14 timber trusses, using the template I made the previous weekend – ran out of stainless screws will get some this week.

I had 2 boards crack on me when bending them – generally where there are knots in the timber. I have used the lengths anyway but made sure they made the inside panel – then secured another shorter section over the crack to reinforce it – looks as though these will be fine.

Progress is also under way on the perimeter platform with the framing starting to take shape.


I am going to re-design the front of the temporary shed – will make it curved rather than flat, I will save on one or two trusses and it will not take up so much room – the bow is thin anyway so there will be loads of room at that end of the structure.

I will also change the ridge connection detail to make it simpler to install – will post some photographs when I get a chance.

I managed to get one truss up late yesterday – to see how it looks and to make sure there is enough head room to lift the rear cabin roof an extra 200mm.


Stock pile of timber – will be using it all!





Motor Removal – land mark day!

10 March 2017

This is one of a number of land mark days for the refurbishment of ANZAC.

I booked in with Swans Transport Ltd to use one of their hiabs to remove the motor and fuel tank this morning – the weather has been shocking for the past week, and 5 minutes before their arrived it stopped raining.

Off went the tarp and we made a plan – with a bit of maneuvering we lifted the motor out of the opening where the wheel house used to be.

The night before I managed to undo the shaft connection – or what I thought was the shaft connection – I was correct. It came out easily only an old coolant pipe put up any resistance.

The fuel tank was only held in by 2 bolts and one screw. Job done in an hour just as the rain started to come down again.


The motor is now undercover waiting for its overhaul.


The gap left now needs a tidy up – grease, mud, fuel, etc. – with the motor now out this allows me to crack on with the interior works.



Progress Update – Sanding

18 February 2016

Today I had an extra labourer – my uncle came by and gave me a hand for the day. We started on the tender first and removed the remainder of the paint on the exterior of the hull that I wanted to remove. Using the Speed heater with 2 people is much fast than working with it on your own – within an hour and a half we had this paint off and the mess cleaned up.

We switched to ANZAC, as this is what he wanted to work on. Sanding was the order of the day. a bit of a fail with the sander so we continued the old fashion way with block and sand paper – this worked well – the speed heater had done a great job removing the paint earlier, so what was left was just a thin film.

Was too busy sanding to stop and take pictures so will post some shortly.

Tender Outboard Motor

15 February 2017

I spotted a good deal on Trade-me for an 8HP outboard – I had been keeping my eye out for one to go on the tender. For $500 I picked up a good one including 2 tanks (with fuel).

I knocked up a motor stand for it in just over an hour and went an picked it up all last night.

It has been raining the last couple of nights and have been at Coastguard so not much happening on ANZAC since the weekend.

Tender Paint Removal

12 -13 February 2017

Have taken a break from the “big boat” to continue on the tender. Have been removing the paint from the hull. Using my boat cradle that I made last week, and have turned the tender upside down.

Have decided to remove the paint from the top 4 boards only and depending on how they look once sanded will decide if I will paint or polyurethane. Have found already a few places where fiberglass has been used to repair cracks in boards so we will see if these can be repaired.

Other cracks in the hull appear to be in the fiberglass which appears to have been applied to the boards below the waterline. These I have been cleaning out and sanding.

Naming “ANZAC”

14 February 2017

Have been thinking about the name on the boat including where to place it and what else I might want to go along side the name.

With out question I am going to rename the boat “ANZAC”, the name she had when my great grandfather was her skipper. To this I was going to add “Sulphur Beach, NZ” underneath in reference to her initial builders Bailey and Lowe who’s yard was on Sulphur Beach.

Bailey and Lowe Yard

I will have this in the center of the stern with “ANZAC” forming an arch over the top with “Sulphur Beach, NZ” forming the opposite curve on the bottom in a slightly smaller font.

I may include some aspects of the WW1 NZEF badge in some way – still thinking about how.


Am also thinking about putting “ANZAC” on the port and starboard side of the forward hull – we will see.


11 February 2017

Managed to remove the four bolts holding down the engine this afternoon and disconnect what appeared to be an old starter motor. I scratched around to see how to disconnect the shaft – looks like I will have to cut this off – the bolts holding the universal joint in place are solid rust – with think about it some more first though.

Will try to take some pictures and add to this post later.