Sunday 29 January 2017

Today I sketched up a plan for a new work bench – though not going into ANZAC I need this for my Christmas present to myself – the “Emcostar” – a multi tool bench mounted power tool – band saw, belt sander, orbital sander, table saw, grinder, drill, lath, router, etc…. good old Austrians!


Have made it so I can wheel it outside to keep the dust out of the garage. Picked up a desk from the local mower shop (free), it had no top and was going to recycle the draws on ANZAC but I felt they did not quite fit the bill. I removed the legs and center section just leaving me the draws – had to play with the timber slides as the bottom of the draws had “sanded” grooves in them (Simply pulled them out and put them back in upside down).

Two draws were unusable so will make an open shelf on one side, as well as a shelf in the middle. The idea is draws will hold all the components, and spare belts, blades etc for the Emcostar, and maybe a few other bits and bobs.

Just the shelves to go then its completed – sanded the draws as Grace decorated some of them with her “Street Art”.


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