Hauling Out

On Sunday – 10 July 2016 – We towed “Freedom” from her Herald Island mooring to the West Harbour Marina, the wind had picked up and was blowing from the SE, we managed only 3-4 knots for most of the way – thanks to Roy for the assistance and use of his boat.

Tuesday  – 12 July 2016 at 9am. A perfect morning! No breeze, sun shining (first time in a while) hardly any clouds, water like glass. I was interested to see what the hull was like as I had seen some sea life clinging to her – it looks as though it has been there some time.


Pictures say a thousand words – needless to say the water-blasting took the best part of an hour!










Thanks to Miranda and the boys at Hobsonville Marine Services for the lift and clean and also to Bob and the lads at Boat Haulage Ltd for transporting her safely to Helensville.

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