This blog is dedicated to the 1911 built kauri launch “ANZAC” and her latest refurbishment which was started in July 2016.

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I have intentionally called this a refurbishment as opposed to a restoration, implying that while I intend to take her back to the state as close to the way she was when first launched. I do intend to have many mod-cons and improvements as she will be for family cruising and get-away’s.

I will endeavour to update this site regularly through each stage of this refurbishment. Feel free to add comments but don’t be offended if I chose not to take onboard every “expert” opinion.

Charles and Spot

Captain Charles Bamford Daniel and his dog “Spot” on board ANZAC. – Skinner Family Collection

There are many other more straight forward old launch refurbishments that I could have taken on, and been out on the water much sooner than this one. But only occasionally do these opportunities come along in ones lifetime.

My family have a connection with ANZAC starting with my great grandfather Captain Charles Bamford Daniel, who was her master for much of her early life when he was firstly a fisheries inspector then the chief fisheries inspector until his death in 1944, though he was never the owner.

We can now say five continuous generations of  our family have sailed on her, and all going well there will hopefully be more generations from our family who will enjoy her in the years to come.

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