New Boat Shed – October Update

Just thought I would provide another short update on progress over the last few weeks – have been busy again at work so less time spent on the shed.

All trusses up, bracing and purlins in, trimmed top roof beam, formed opening between shed and the workshop, workshop subfloor and ply floor down, wall framing up, workshop rafters in place. Shed subfloor in place plywood floor in progress, most of the tarps are on (one to go) workshop door is in, windows ready to go.

Balance of work to complete;

  1. Last roof tarp to go on
  2. Complete screwing down shed plywood floor
  3. Cladding to 3 walls of workshop
  4. Two windows to go in
  5. Two end walls of shed to be framed and tarped
  6. Louvre vents to end walls
  7. Entry steps
  8. Level ANZAC
  9. Remove covers from ANZAC
  10. Waterblast ANZAC and ply floors
  11. Paint plywood floors
  12. Roof cover straps
First of the tarps on
Workshop subfloor going down
Tarps, purlins and bracing
More tarps on
Inside view
Workshop area
Inside view

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