Time Line

1 1911 Late 1911 Mapuhi From Waitemata Woodies we know she was built by Bailey and Lowe in the winter of 1911 – built for Alex B Donald, was fitted with a 40HP Wolseley engine
2 1913 Worcester Purchased by Alex Burt Junr. (from A&T Burt) in late 1913 – Named her Worcester briefly
3 1913 Oban Alex Burt Junr. renamed her OBAN
Item Paper Date Headline Name Notes/comments
1 NZ Herald 28 1 1914 Anniversary Regatta Oban Handicaps for Launches – launches over 8 knots but under 10 – Oban scratch
2 NZ Herald 29 1 1914 Anniversary Regatta Oban Entered into – 10 knot and under class and the Kean Cup
3 Auckland Star 30 1 1914 Anniversary Regatta Oban Results from races – Under 10 knot Oban first,
4 Auckland Star 30 1 1914 For Cruiser and Speed Clashes Oban A gala day for motor boat racing is to be held on the harbour tomorrow by the NZPBA – Oban was in the 10knots and under class
5 NZ Herald 31 1 1914 Powerboat races – Handicaps Oban Racing today – No.23 Oban – 10 knots and under class also entered in Kean Cup
6 Auckland Star 2 2 1914 Motor Boat Gala Oban Results – Oban finished second to Rose in their class – Rose was dispatched two minutes before the Oban. The latter gained three seconds on the distance. Rose finishing 1m 58s in the lead. – Kean Cup DNR
7 Auckland Star 14 2 1914 Aquatics Oban Oban enters a RNYS race around Rangitoetoe, Motutapu, Rakino and the Haystack finishing at Mateatea
8 NZ Herald 7 3 1914 Race to Cowes Oban NZPBA cursing races for Class A & B boats this afternoon from Kings Wharf to Cowes Bay (Oban in class A)
9 Auckland Star 9 3 1914 Race to Cowes Oban Confirmed as a starter for this race with NZPBA
10 NZ Herald 25 3 1914 Aquatics Oban Three holders of the power boat championship pennants have received challenger for their titles. The pennants were awarded on the Kean Cup race to the fastest launches in the different classes. The launch Oban, holder of the title under 10 knots, has been challenged by the Rose – races to be held on Sunday.
11 Auckland Star 30 3 1914 Race to Kawau Oban Oban participated but did not place
12 NZ Herald 1 4 1914 Aquatics Oban The challenges for championship pennants are to be decided next Saturday – Oban been challenged by Rose
13 NZ Herald 9 4 1914 Aquatics Oban NZBPA Meeting decided to being season to a close on Saturday April 18 with the challenge races – Oban vs. Rose
14 Auckland Star 17 4 1914 Power Boat Association Oban Last Days racing tomorrow – No.25 Oban (Holder) vs. No 40 Rose
15 Observer 24 10 1914 Boating Oban On Friday Mr Burt’s fine launch Oban was put into the water
16 NZ Herald 21 11 1914 Aquatics Oban 1914-1915 Season Opening today – Combined cursing race to Matiatia from Kings Wharf. Oban entered into the NZPBA race and the Combined race under the Royal Yacht Squadron
17 NZ Herald 23 11 1914 Sport on the Waitemata Oban Royal Yacht Squadron – Oban first – NZPBA – Oban First
18 Auckland Star 24 11 1914 Aquatics Oban Oban wins first Yacht Squadron and first Power boat – she won both races entered for.
19 Auckland Star 11 12 1914 First Series Harbour Races Oban NZPBA first series of harbour races starts tomorrow – Oban entered in the red class and in to the Whitney Cup
20 Observer 19 12 1914 Boating Oban Oban owing to business arrangements at the last moment was unable to compete
21 NZ Herald 16 1 1915 Motor Boating Oban NZPBA race to Awaroa Bay today – Oban in the Red and White combined class
22 NZ Herald 18 1 1915 Aquatics Oban Race to Awaroa Bay – Oban did not start
23 Auckland Star 26 1 1915 The Auckland Regatta Oban Entry lists – Oban listed in the Cruising Launches 8-10 knots
24 NZ Herald 30 1 1915 Anniversary Regatta Oban Oban placed last
25 Auckland Star 5 3 1915 Kawau Cruising Race Oban Entered into the Red Class
26 NZ Herald 13 3 1915 Squadrons Cruising Race Oban Final cursing race for the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron to be held today – Oban not entered as Mr A Burt Junr was taking the finishing times
27 Observer 20 3 1915 Boating Oban NZPBA Picnic last Saturday afternoon – 40 launches – ideal weather – located at Waimarie
28 Auckland Star 23 3 1915 Aquatics Oban The New Zealand Motor Boat Reserve has been formed in Auckland. Prior to the Reserve being formed launch owners had done quite a lot of patrol work. The organisation have done a lot of useful work for the Defence Department in conveying officers and men to different parts of the harbour and gulf. – Members offer their boats and services freely to the defence department – Oban was one of these vessels
29 Auckland Star 26 3 1915 Sail and Motor Oban Combined Cruising Club – Entries for the race to Islington Bay tomorrow – Red Class Oban – under NZPBA
30 NZ Herald 29 3 1915 Yachting Oban Combined Cruising Club – Race to Islington Bay Race Oban placed second
31 Observer 3 4 1915 Boating Oban Combined Cruising Club – At the conclusion of the launch races the members of the various crews were entertained by Mr A Burt, Junr., aboard the Oban, where a most enjoyable time was spent.
32 Auckland Star 6 4 1915 Aquatics Oban Easter 1915 has been a disastrous one. Thunder, lightning and rain – heavy weather all along the coast – The Oban made her headquarters in Arran Bay, and attempted a little fishing at Park Point, but the weather was too solid and the anchor would not hold. The Oban returned to her moorings about 2 pm on Easter Monday
33 Auckland Star 9 4 1915 NZPBA – The speed Pennant Oban Oban entered in the Red Class
34 Auckland Star 23 4 1915 NZPBA – The speed Pennant Auck vs. CHCH Oban Oban in Challenge race 10.5 knot pennant Oban (challenger) vs. Rose (holder) – also entered General handicap for launches race
35 25 4 1915 25th April 1915 – ANZAC DAY
36 Auckland Star 27 4 1915 Aquatics Oban The Rose defeated the Oban for the 10.5 knot pennant. It was a well run and close race, a few yards separating the finishing boats. Both boats nearly raced themselves into the 12.5 knots class doing the three and a half knots course in about 22 minutes
37 Observer 1 5 1915 Boating Oban Rose, holder was challenged by Oban for the 10.5 knot pennant. The holder led throughout, and retained the pennant with 5 seconds to spare.
38 NZ Herald 1 10 1915 RNZYS Annual Meeting Oban Mr A Burt Junr. Elected to the general committee. Summary of last seasons racing – Power launch cursing race to Matiatia – Oban 2nd place
26 11 1915 ANZAC Name Changed to ANZAC refer Waitematawoodys
39 Auckland Star 21 12 1915 Aquatics ANZAC Oban is for the first time referred to as the ANZAC in this article – The ANZAC (late Oban) cruised in company and spent the Saturday night in Matiatia.
40 NZ Herald 12 2 1916 Motor Boating ANZAC NZPBA race to Putiki Bay, Waiheke. Anzac confirmed as an entry into this race
41 Auckland Star 14 2 1916 Aquatics ANZAC First launch race of the season raced from Kings wharf to Putiki Bay, Waiheke – ANZAC 4 hours 3m 24s – fifth place
42 Auckland Star 29 2 1916 Aquatics ANZAC ANZAC mentioned in article – The North Shore and Ponsonby Clubs had ideal weather for their launch race to Awaroa, Waiheke. In the Ponsonby Club the Snowflake, a new boat, wins, while in the North Shore Club the Ailsa wins. It was one of the hottest days in the year, and the Snowflake ran well. Gertie II. was second in both clubs. A large number of yachts and launches were in Awaroa Bay for Saturday night and a first-rate concert and dance was held in Gordon’s Hall, and a thorough good time enjoyed. On Sunday the attraction for picnic parties was at Home Bay, where the camp is being held. The Territorials camp makes one to be a Territorial to be camping on Motutapu and run the rick of being forced to go in for a swim once at least these burning hot days. The following launches turned up: Sterling Girl, Gretchen, Buffalo Bill, Princess Pat, Roma, Hinemoa, Waioliine, Ngaroraa, Drayton, Sister Dora, Lizard, Maroro, Seabird, Secret, Anzac and Adelaide.
43 Auckland Star 3 3 1916 Aquatics ANZAC NZPBA – Championship pennant race under 10.5 knots – ANZAC and Adelaide challengers vs. Emblem holder also listed in the Red Class races and the Kean Cup race
44 NZ Herald 6 3 1916 Motor – Boating ANZAC Challenge Pennant Races – NZPBA held its second series on Saturday afternoon – The race for the 10.5 knot pennant was not run, as the ANZAC one of the challengers met with an accident prior to the afternoons racing. A hole was knocked in her side in a collision with another boat, and this circumstance prevented her from taking part in the racing. The Roma towed the Anzac to her moorings, a kindly act which caused the former boat to lose some of her afternoons racing.
45 Auckland Star 21 3 1916 Aquatics ANZAC NZPBA – next Saturday holding their championship pennant races – ANZAC listed in the 10.5 knot challenge
46 Auckland Star 28 3 1916 Aquatics ANZAC The Power Boat Association on Saturday afternoon ran off several challenge’ pennant races. For the 10.5 knot pennant. Anzac and Adelaide were claimants, but both failed to do the course in the proper time, and so the flag stops in the clubroom. This was told with many chuckles. “I’d been troubled with water in the carburettor. Gradually got rid of it. My opponent borrowed a tin of benzene off me, and he I saw was in trouble. Never dawned on me till late in the race that we were sharing our troubles, and that his engine had now the same complaint.”
47 Auckland Star 8 5 1916 Aquatics ANZAC NZPBA Championship Pennant races – under 10.3/4 knots Adelaide beat ANZAC by 1 second
48 Observer 13 5 1916 Aquatics ANZAC Postponed Championship Pennant races for NZPBA held last Saturday afternoon – Under 10.3/4 knots Adelaide and Anzac were the starters. The former won after a very even go, and secured the pennant.
49 NZ Herald 20 11 1916 Yachting ANZAC Opening of the Season – cursing race to Matiatia Bay, Waiheke – Results – NZPBA Anzac 2nd
50 NZ Herald 17 3 1917 Motor Boating ANZAC NZBPA holding its second picnic of the season – this article mentions the commodores launch ANZAC (assume Burt is commodore) – also mentions that the following Saturday will be the Pennant Races – with ANZAC and Princess racing for the 10.5 knot pennant
51 Auckland Star 26 3 1917 Aquatics ANZAC NZPBA harbour races – Championship pennant races – 10.5 knot race – The launch ANZAC failed to establish her claim and there is thus no holder of this pennant.
52 NZ Herald 14 4 1917 Motor Boating ANZAC NZPBA Combined cursing race to Islington Bay – ANZAC confirmed as a starter
53 NZ Herald 28 4 1917 Motor Boating ANZAC NZPBA final championship Pennant races this afternoon – 10.5 knot pennant – ANZAC (Commodore a Burt Junr.) and the Seabird have registered claims, as it has not been held by any launch
54 Auckland Star 23 11 1917 Power Boat Racing ANZAC Entered Combined Cruising Race of the NZPBA to Matiatia tomorrow – ANZAC – Commodore A Burt Junr.
55 NZ Herald 31 1 1918 Aquatics – NZPBA ANZAC Cruise race to Arkle’s Bay – Anzac entry confirmed
56 NZ Herald 2 2 1918 Aquatics ANZAC NZPBA – second cruise race to Arkle’s Bay – ANZAC confirmed as a starter
57 NZ Herald 15 2 1918 Aquatics ANZAC NZPBA – two races to be held by NZPBA during the next fortnight – “Big Tree” cruising shield points racing ANZAC currently on 6 points – currently 6th position
58 NZ Herald 23 2 1918 Aquatics ANZAC NZPBA – cruising race to Arkle’s Bay the third of the season to be held today – ANZAC confirmed as a starter
59 Auckland Star 25 2 1918 Aquatics ANZAC NZPBA – Cruising race to Arkle’s Bay results – ANZAC was initially second but the winner was disqualified so was promoted into first position
60 NZ Herald 25 2 1918 Aquatics ANZAC NZPBA race to Arkle’s Bay – The weather was perfect, and there was a good muster of craft. The vessels were started at three o’clock by the three flag system. Anzac and Tarua gained first advantage with Gretchen, Countess, and Surf bringing up the rear. The finishing post at Arkle’s was between the launch Princess Pat and a dinghy moored north. Finishing times were taken by Messrs Cunningham and D’Authrau. The Drayton and Waiata were non-starters. The results of the race are:— Anzac, 4h 30m, 1; Countess, 2; Gretchen, 3. Also started: Surf, Turua. The last-named launch was disqualified for noncompliance with the rules of the association, her club burgee not being hoisted.
61 Observer 2 3 1918 Boating ANZAC The 3rd cursing race of the season to Arkle’s Bay for the NZPBA on Saturday – the weather was ideal – Anzac and Tarua lead off the mark
62 Auckland Star 5 3 1918 Power Boat Notes ANZAC NZPBA – harbour races held on Saturday afternoon – The Surf put up a very line performance, and was recorded the winner from the Wee Meg by 1m 35s, which was ahead of the Anzac by 37s. The handicapper then rearranged the times for the Whitney Cup, in which race the launches were captained by members of the fair sex, who were anxious to show their skill and ability in handling their respective boats. Another unusually close finish resulted, five of the boats arriving at the finishing line within twenty seconds of one another, and the other three a few seconds later. The result was that the winner, Anzac steered by Miss Elsie Ross. The Anzac, Commodore A. Burt, Jun., has now won this valuable cup outright, having established two successive wins. The Anzac upheld her claim for the 10.5 knot pennant. The previous winners of the Whitney Cup are:—;(started in 1905-06) – 1916-17, A. Burt, Junr., Anzac. steered by Mrs Earle; 1917-18. A. Burt, Junr., Anzac. steered by Miss Elsie Ross.
63 Auckland Star 8 3 1918 Aquatics ANZAC Ponsonby Cruising Clubs 4th regatta – Big Tree Launch Handicap race – ANZAC listed as a starter
64 Auckland Star 12 4 1918 Aquatics ANZAC Combined Cruise to Awaroa Bay – ANZAC confirmed as a starter with the Ponsonby Cruising Club. Also Anzac listed in the NZPBA entries for the same race
65 NZ Herald 14 12 1918 Aquatics ANZAC Opening of the season – combined cruise to Matiatia – ANZAC listed as a starter (listed with the NZPBA and RNZYS)
66 NZ Herald 21 12 1918 Aquatics ANZAC Cruse to Matiatia – Anzac mentioned here – Once the craft were past Brown’s Island, the motor-boat race last Saturday assumed an interesting aspect. Roma G and Anzac, which had crossed the starting line first, were passed by Tarua, which crossed the line first. Roma would have had a good chance, but was over the line before the starting gun had been fired. In the run from Motuihi to Matiatia, the Anzac came up well.
67 NZ Herald 30 1 1919 Regatta Day ANZAC Motor launch race for over 8 knots but not exceeding 10 knots – ANZAC was a starter Anzac finished 4th (out of 12)
68 NZ Herald 24 2 1919 Cruise to Waiheke ANZAC NZPBA held its third race to Anzac Cove, Waiheke. The boats were despatched by the starter, Mr J. H. Boss, at 2.45 p.m. Waiata had a slight advantage from the Anzac, with the Surf a still further distance away. The rest followed in a cluster, with the Banshee in the lead Anzac soon headed the Waiata and the Surf, creeping up, ran almost neck and neck with Anzac. At Brown’s Island, Anzac established a lead from the Surf, which she maintained until over the line.
69 Auckland Star 11 4 1919 Aquatics ANZAC NZPBA – Cruise to Islington Bay – listed as a starter – now listed under the North Shore Club
70 Auckland Star 14 4 1919 Aquatics ANZAC NZPBA – final combined cruise race for the season – North Shore Yacht Club launches – ANZAC third place
71 NZ Herald 22 4 1919 Aquatics ANZAC NZPBA Close of the season race – ANZAC came in third place
72 Auckland Star 2 9 1919 Aquatics ANZAC An article talking about the number of new launches currently being built and the refitting of older ones – there is a mention of the ANZAC – The only launch we know of which will not go down this season is Mr A. Burt’s Anzac. Mr Burt leaves on Thursday for a business trip to England, and will be away for about eight or nine months at least.
73 Auckland Star 20 10 1919 RNZYS – Annual Meeting ANZAC A Burt elected to Vice Commodore – Prizes won during the year were First Launch Race first place to ANZAC – Second Launch Race second place to ANZAC
74 Auckland Star 17 7 1920 Aquatics ANZAC From the article we read – Now that Mr A Burt is back again no doubt ANZAC will be put in commission next season, and already crew are debating which job to start first. This boat had a luck escape a few weeks ago, when, owing to a heavy rain, about ten tons of cliff came away, one boulder, weighing over a ton stopping short only a few inches from ANZAC. Her skids were badly damaged, and a small shed completely wrecked, but the launch escaped without a scratch.
75 Auckland Star 6 11 1920 Aquatics ANZAC Comments of the upcoming season – Mr A Burt’s well known cruiser Anzac is all ready, and will go down as soon as her owner returns from the South.
76 Auckland Star 19 11 1920 Aquatics ANZAC Opening for the 1920-21 season – Combined cruise race to Matiatia Bay Waiheke. Anzac is mentioned as a starter (RNZYS)
77 NZ Herald 22 11 1920 Races to Matiatia ANZAC Opening Day – Launch handicap race Anzac came second, RNZYS launch race ANZAC came in first, Ponsonby Cruising Club launch race ANZAC came in first, NZPBA race ANZAC came in first
78 NZ Herald 27 11 1920 Ponsonby Cruising Club ANZAC This article mentions where ANZAC is moored – she was moored off Arkle’s Bay
79 Auckland Star 10 12 1920 Aquatics ANZAC NZPBA cruise racing – Anzac listed as a starter
80 NZ Herald 20 12 1920 Yachting ANZAC Cruising Race to Matiatia – opening to the season race – ANZAC is mentioned in a number of clubs races – RNZYS, NZPBA, North Shore Yacht Club and the Ponsonby Cruising Club
81 NZ Herald 11 12 1920 NZPBA Races ANZAC Race to Arkle’s Bay to be held this afternoon – ANZAC confirmed as a starter
82 Auckland Star 14 1 1921 RNZRS Cruise race to Rocky Bay ANZAC Anzac confirmed to be a starter for this race
83 NZ Herald 22 1 1921 Anniversary Regatta ANZAC Anzac entered into the 8-10 knots class
84 NZ Herald 31 1 1921 Anniversary Regatta ANZAC Results – ANZAC DNF
85 NZ Herald 5 2 1921 NZPBA Harbour Races ANZAC First series of harbour races this afternoon – Anzac entered 3 races first the General Handicap race and the Lunn Returned Soldiers Cup and finally the launches over 8 knots race
86 Auckland Star 7 2 1921 Aquatics ANZAC NZPBA – Harbour races – Anzac listed as a starter in the Lunn Returned Soldiers Cup (did not place) and the launches over 8 knots class – ANZAC coming in first
87 Auckland Star 12 2 1921 Aquatics ANZAC The Power Boat Association had a very successful afternoon’s racing last Saturday, the only trouble being the wait between events, necessitated by the readjustment of the handicaps, which made the races late in finishing. . The race for launches over eight knots was won by Mr A. Burt’s Anzac after a very close finish, the whole or the six boats crossing the finishing line in 15 seconds, an average of 21 seconds each, which must be admitted is record, handicapping
88 Auckland Star 11 6 1921 Aquatics ANZAC RNZYS prize night – The launch race was won by ANZAC – the season had been one of the best in the history of the club.
1921 ANZAC Must be at about this time the Marine Department purchased her from Mr Burt – refer NZMI date is 1921 – refer Bearings 1993 Volume 5 Number 1 pages 6-7 (reference ID 8005164)
From Barney Daniel’s writings we have discovered the following information;
1 In 1921 Captain Charles Daniel starts working for the Fisheries Branch of the Marine Department as an inspector of fisheries
2 He was supplied with the launch ANZAC to enable him to perform his duties
3 Anzac was noted as a “flyer”
4 Dimensions 40′ Long x 9.5′ Beam x 3.5′ Draught (12m long x 2.9m beam x 1m draught)
5 Had a 4 cylinder Doman petrol engine – which was replaced by a brand new 3 cylinder 30HP Twigg engine – painted green
6 It was Capt Daniel who added 2 masts that spread 3 sails – added more ballast and a dodger over the open cockpit
89 Waitemata Woodies 6 2 1934 Waitangi Day 1934 ANZAC Capture in photograph among other vessels at Ti Point wharf
At some point she is relocated to the Kaipara and renamed Betty
1 19?? Betty Purchased by William (Bill) E Curel of Helensville
18 12 1950 Certificate of Survey Betty Certificate number 2393 – 5.99 Tonnage – owner WE Curel – – Inside the Kaipara Harbour – Number of passengers 13
30 11 1591 Certificate of Survey Betty Certificate number 2712 – 5.99 Tonnage – owner WE Curel – – Inside the Kaipara Harbour – Number of passengers 13
30 9 1952 Certificate of Survey Betty Certificate number 2941 – 5.99 Tonnage – owner WE Curel – – Inside the Kaipara Harbour – Number of passengers 13
23 9 1953 Certificate of Survey Betty Certificate number 3228 – The picture with the Certificate show Betty with the rear mast and sail now removed but the remainder much the same as when she was owned by the Marine department (note the same picture as in the Kauri Museum).
2 6 6 1971 Freedom Purchased by Eric Williams of Tinopai. He renamed her FREEDOM due to the state she was in when he rescued her – “setting her free” He saw her at Wharehine on the Kaipara. Eric added the  wheel house midships and installed a larger canopy on the stern. The remaining mast was moved to behind the new wheel house – the 2 new canopies were taken from another vessel.
12 4 1974 Freedom Eric installed a Ford Motor – Information contained in Freedoms Log Book
3 2 3 1976 Freedom Purchased by Warren ??????
4 1976 Freedom Purchased back by Eric Williams after a few months when the last owner did not want her (Spoke to Eric he owned her twice)
?? ?? 1990 Freedom Barney and Jimmy Daniel see Freedom at Tinopai and meet Eric Williams who takes them for a short trip around the harbour
A some point she is relocated back to the Waitemata
5 ???? Freedom Purchased by Peter Wilson – owner for a number of years
6 17 6 2016 ANZAC Purchased by Greg Skinner (Great grandson of Captain Charles Daniel) and is renamed Anzac – She had been moored off Herald Island and had not moved in 2 years – she is now currently out of the water and undergoing a refurbishment