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Tender Paint Removal

12 -13 February 2017

Have taken a break from the “big boat” to continue on the tender. Have been removing the paint from the hull. Using my boat cradle that I made last week, and have turned the tender upside down.

Have decided to remove the paint from the top 4 boards only and depending on how they look once sanded will decide if I will paint or polyurethane. Have found already a few places where fiberglass has been used to repair cracks in boards so we will see if these can be repaired.

Other cracks in the hull appear to be in the fiberglass which appears to have been applied to the boards below the waterline. These I have been cleaning out and sanding.

Stripping the Hull

Xmas 2016 – Its been a while since the last post – busy with work. Over this Christmas break I have been stripping down the hull, removing the layers of paint and cleaning out the caulking. Had some help from my daughter – she still managed to stay in contact with her friends!