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Motor Stripping

01 March 2017

This evening with help from Toby we started to strip down the Ford D Series Motor – This motor had not been running for over 2 years. I was told when I purchased ANZAC that it had only done 3,000 miles since it was last serviced.

The worry was if and salt water had got in to it form where it appears she took on some water at some point in time.

So far the signs are all good with the bolts and various components all coming off relatively easily, the head was removed and she is looking in great shape. So it looks like we will be giving the motor a birthday and reusing her (big $ saving)!




We now need to remove the rusted bolts on the prop shaft to allow the motor to be lifted – looking forward to it!


11 February 2017

Managed to remove the four bolts holding down the engine this afternoon and disconnect what appeared to be an old starter motor. I scratched around to see how to disconnect the shaft – looks like I will have to cut this off – the bolts holding the universal joint in place are solid rust – with think about it some more first though.

Will try to take some pictures and add to this post later.

Prep for Engine Removal

Saturday 28 January 2017

After mowing the lawns and cleaning out the garage I had some free time so jumped on ANZAC and started to disconnect the motor and fuel tank. I removed the batteries, battery stand, bulge pumps, disconnected the fuel lines, removed the redundant wiring, and pulled out the exhaust (full of water).

The last of the wheelhouse floor came out easily, but disconnecting the shaft looks as though it may take some persuasion from the angle grinder.

I located the motor hold down bolts and managed to loosen two of the four, the last two are in difficult to reach locations, but will have a better go at these later this week.