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Pits and pieces

Update to 13 December 2017

Have completed the walkway platform around the boat, and am underway with the final strip out/off.

Removing brass trims, and fittings now we have a dry working area.

Have cleaned off the last of the moss etc. and dismantles the skylight. Back canopy doors have been removed (she looks like a different boat without these sliding doors).

Bulkhead Removal


Decided to remove the bulkheads surrounding the engine bay, the bulkhead to the toilet need to go anyway and the other bulkhead has been hacked around so much that there was no reason to keep it.

With the help of Terry, both walls came out relatively easily, the last of the floor where the fuel tank sat required the grinder.

We finished off the day removing the hydraulic arm and scrapping the cockpit. all this uncovered more ribs which need replacing – will mark these up record lengths and get the materials ordered.


Internal Cleaning


Once again Terry came round – we continued on the interior. Terry vacuumed from the stern through to the bow in sections as I scrapped out the years of mud and silt around the engine bay. The paint that was water blasted off last week had dried enough to be hovered up. Will need to spray some degreaser around and have another water blast from stem to stern – any paint left will have to be scrapped or sanded.

Not long now and we will be ready for rib replacement 🙂

I have decided to remove the internal bulkheads around the engine and toilet area, the original panels have been cut up so much that I don’t think they are worth saving – will replace with similar paneling. (I will keep some of the off cuts as these can be used to repair the rear bulkhead).

Picture quality not the greatest.

Easter Update

14 – 17 April 2017 – An update over the Easter break.

Terry came over again and gave me a hand with more internal scrapping – it was too wet over the weekend to get any lead paint on the inside.

I water blasted the interior of the forward two sections where the motor was removed and forward bunk area – the paint was more or less falling off in these areas.

Will need to remove the last of the floor boards and water blast those areas also – but will need to clean out the bucket loads of silt, mud, etc. before though – I will wait now for it to dry out.

There will be some more scrapping of the stubborn paint, but I will get the water blaster back and have another go and include the stern areas also.

I continued water blasting the forward top deck, while the covers were off, a few layers of paint came of – yellow, blue and white.

All the internal fittings have now been remove excluding the anchor chain, winch to the same and the hydraulic arm for the rudder, will try and get these removed this week and that will be the last of the demolition. Now for the cleaning and scrapping internal – this will let me finally confirm how many ribs need replacing.

Time to build a temporary cover over the entire boat.


Motor Stripping

01 March 2017

This evening with help from Toby we started to strip down the Ford D Series Motor – This motor had not been running for over 2 years. I was told when I purchased ANZAC that it had only done 3,000 miles since it was last serviced.

The worry was if and salt water had got in to it form where it appears she took on some water at some point in time.

So far the signs are all good with the bolts and various components all coming off relatively easily, the head was removed and she is looking in great shape. So it looks like we will be giving the motor a birthday and reusing her (big $ saving)!




We now need to remove the rusted bolts on the prop shaft to allow the motor to be lifted – looking forward to it!

Wheelhouse Demolition

October  11, 2016

After 4 weeks in Christchurch I had a few days of work, completing the house hold chores left me a day to work on ANZAC.

I have been wanting to get the wheelhouse off for some time and today was the day. I removed the glass from the 10 windows and broke out the skill saw and cut the post and rolled the roof over the side. The plywood sides were then cut off – these proving that a good glue and screw job is nearly indestructible.

This now allows me to remove the motor and fuel tank – maybe next weeks job – this will allow me fill access to the interior walls and frame.

I am recycling the roof frames into the now new opening. Will now work out where the original upper portion of the cabin finished and rebuild as close to the original as possible.





Demolition, Rib removal and Cleaning

Over this father’s day weekend I spent finishing off some of those demolition task I had not previously been able to get to. Removed the front handrail – unsure if I want to put it back on – will decide later. Removed the old toilet and linings and then stripped out the cockpit. Removed the radar, wheel, fish finder and instruments, pulled out the “electrical fuse box” stripped of some of the linings which uncovered more of her original panels. It looks as though I have found where the original upper and lower decks changed – unfortunately it is directly over the where the motor is and will remain – I was planning to have a sliding hatch over the motor for easy removal -I will see what it looks like when I remove the wheel house – which should be by the end of this month.

Spent Sunday removing 2 ribs and cleaning the inside of the hull and ribs. Manage to full the green bucket from just 1 of the 5 sections of the boat! Scrapping out the mud and muck using a scrapper as a shovel, the starboard side cleaned up OK with some soapy water after – I expect the section under the motor will be the worst.






More Internal Scrapping

17 August 2016 (between the hours of 8:30pm to 10:30pm)

Wednesday’s crap day for TV anyway – so more scrapping, this time started on the port side 2nd section.

Got sick of that after the first hour so started to scrape down some of the superstructure (interior) – found one panel which has 8 layers of paint!










Strip Out

16 July 2016

Today was the start of the stripping out process. I need to see the bones to see what needs to be replaced, I have already seen half a dozen ribs which need replacing. It is too wet out side to start anything there so I will start to remove all the fittings and fixtures. We will see how many trips to the tip are required.