Motor Removal – land mark day!

10 March 2017

This is one of a number of land mark days for the refurbishment of ANZAC.

I booked in with Swans Transport Ltd to use one of their hiabs to remove the motor and fuel tank this morning – the weather has been shocking for the past week, and 5 minutes before their arrived it stopped raining.

Off went the tarp and we made a plan – with a bit of maneuvering we lifted the motor out of the opening where the wheel house used to be.

The night before I managed to undo the shaft connection – or what I thought was the shaft connection – I was correct. It came out easily only an old coolant pipe put up any resistance.

The fuel tank was only held in by 2 bolts and one screw. Job done in an hour just as the rain started to come down again.


The motor is now undercover waiting for its overhaul.


The gap left now needs a tidy up – grease, mud, fuel, etc. – with the motor now out this allows me to crack on with the interior works.



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