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Wheelhouse Demolition

October  11, 2016

After 4 weeks in Christchurch I had a few days of work, completing the house hold chores left me a day to work on ANZAC.

I have been wanting to get the wheelhouse off for some time and today was the day. I removed the glass from the 10 windows and broke out the skill saw and cut the post and rolled the roof over the side. The plywood sides were then cut off – these proving that a good glue and screw job is nearly indestructible.

This now allows me to remove the motor and fuel tank – maybe next weeks job – this will allow me fill access to the interior walls and frame.

I am recycling the roof frames into the now new opening. Will now work out where the original upper portion of the cabin finished and rebuild as close to the original as possible.






24 September 2016 – Currently spending a lot of time in Christchurch for work (2 weeks already), not due back until the second week in October so work on ANZAC has ground to a halt – sods law also in play as when I am home over the weekends I have had plenty of other chores which must be done before ANZAC  – then there has been the weather, it has not stopped raining for the last 3 weeks. Had planned to remove the wheel house but no chance.

Last resort was to clean out the garage which had been semi-taken over by items stripped off ANZAC, cleared some bench space, set up tools etc. and knocked off a few hundred kauri plugs in preparation for infilling copper nail holes





14 September 2016 – Have been spending some time cleaning down a clinker I have purchased (late August) to use as the tender for ANZAC. I have a picture of the tender Captain Daniel had and was wanting to have something similar.


ANZAC’s tender in the 1920’s with “Spot”.


It came with a trailer (no WOF or REG) needs a bit of work so have been scratching around with that – will try to have this ready for this summer so the kids can have a play. It needs some work (naturally) but have cleaned her out and am now in the process of removing paint and repairs.


Demolition, Rib removal and Cleaning

Over this father’s day weekend I spent finishing off some of those demolition task I had not previously been able to get to. Removed the front handrail – unsure if I want to put it back on – will decide later. Removed the old toilet and linings and then stripped out the cockpit. Removed the radar, wheel, fish finder and instruments, pulled out the “electrical fuse box” stripped of some of the linings which uncovered more of her original panels. It looks as though I have found where the original upper and lower decks changed – unfortunately it is directly over the where the motor is and will remain – I was planning to have a sliding hatch over the motor for easy removal -I will see what it looks like when I remove the wheel house – which should be by the end of this month.

Spent Sunday removing 2 ribs and cleaning the inside of the hull and ribs. Manage to full the green bucket from just 1 of the 5 sections of the boat! Scrapping out the mud and muck using a scrapper as a shovel, the starboard side cleaned up OK with some soapy water after – I expect the section under the motor will be the worst.






More Internal Scrapping

17 August 2016 (between the hours of 8:30pm to 10:30pm)

Wednesday’s crap day for TV anyway – so more scrapping, this time started on the port side 2nd section.

Got sick of that after the first hour so started to scrape down some of the superstructure (interior) – found one panel which has 8 layers of paint!










Internal Scrapping

10 & 11 August 2016

I found I had some spare time between 8 and 10pm at nights, kids in bed and rather than spend time staring at a box in the corner of the room, I thought I could better spend my time with my scrapper and get to know every inch of the inside of “ANZAC”.

Spent 2hrs each of these nights scrapping the ribs and inside of the hull, managed to get the port and starboard side top 8 boards and same section of ribs cleaned. Finding more ribs damaged and requiring replacing. There are 5 of these sections on both the port and starboard sides, lots more scrapping will be required!


Above – Starboard Side 3rd section.



Above – Port Side 3rd Section





Above – Port Side 3rd Section



The Hull

10 August 2016

While the interior is mostly stripped out, I have taken advantage of one of the few sunny days since “ANZAC” was hailed out to start to clean down the hull. There are still remains of oysters etc. from after the water blasting which need to be cleaned off. Like the interior I need to scrap back to see what we have.

Some boards appear to need replacing – we will see what they look like once they are all cleaned – I suspect I will need a full days work just to clean off all the oysters!






Strip Out

16 July 2016

Today was the start of the stripping out process. I need to see the bones to see what needs to be replaced, I have already seen half a dozen ribs which need replacing. It is too wet out side to start anything there so I will start to remove all the fittings and fixtures. We will see how many trips to the tip are required.







Hauling Out

On Sunday – 10 July 2016 – We towed “Freedom” from her Herald Island mooring to the West Harbour Marina, the wind had picked up and was blowing from the SE, we managed only 3-4 knots for most of the way – thanks to Roy for the assistance and use of his boat.

Tuesday  – 12 July 2016 at 9am. A perfect morning! No breeze, sun shining (first time in a while) hardly any clouds, water like glass. I was interested to see what the hull was like as I had seen some sea life clinging to her – it looks as though it has been there some time.


Pictures say a thousand words – needless to say the water-blasting took the best part of an hour!










Thanks to Miranda and the boys at Hobsonville Marine Services for the lift and clean and also to Bob and the lads at Boat Haulage Ltd for transporting her safely to Helensville.