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Internal Cleaning


Once again Terry came round – we continued on the interior. Terry vacuumed from the stern through to the bow in sections as I scrapped out the years of mud and silt around the engine bay. The paint that was water blasted off last week had dried enough to be hovered up. Will need to spray some degreaser around and have another water blast from stem to stern – any paint left will have to be scrapped or sanded.

Not long now and we will be ready for rib replacement 🙂

I have decided to remove the internal bulkheads around the engine and toilet area, the original panels have been cut up so much that I don’t think they are worth saving – will replace with similar paneling. (I will keep some of the off cuts as these can be used to repair the rear bulkhead).

Picture quality not the greatest.

Easter Update

14 – 17 April 2017 – An update over the Easter break.

Terry came over again and gave me a hand with more internal scrapping – it was too wet over the weekend to get any lead paint on the inside.

I water blasted the interior of the forward two sections where the motor was removed and forward bunk area – the paint was more or less falling off in these areas.

Will need to remove the last of the floor boards and water blast those areas also – but will need to clean out the bucket loads of silt, mud, etc. before though – I will wait now for it to dry out.

There will be some more scrapping of the stubborn paint, but I will get the water blaster back and have another go and include the stern areas also.

I continued water blasting the forward top deck, while the covers were off, a few layers of paint came of – yellow, blue and white.

All the internal fittings have now been remove excluding the anchor chain, winch to the same and the hydraulic arm for the rudder, will try and get these removed this week and that will be the last of the demolition. Now for the cleaning and scrapping internal – this will let me finally confirm how many ribs need replacing.

Time to build a temporary cover over the entire boat.



11 February 2017

Managed to remove the four bolts holding down the engine this afternoon and disconnect what appeared to be an old starter motor. I scratched around to see how to disconnect the shaft – looks like I will have to cut this off – the bolts holding the universal joint in place are solid rust – with think about it some more first though.

Will try to take some pictures and add to this post later.

Sanding the Hull

11 February 2017

A bit of a catch up post today – have now finished removing the paint from the hull, most of the caulking  has been removed, need to clean the gaps though. Have now started sanding the hull with the idea to get the primer on before the weather changes so it will be ok over winter.


A lot of work went into removing the paint from the stern, had to sand scrap and pick the paint off. Opened up a section of bog and expanded foam I found the other week, found the extend of the damage will have to spend some time on this.




Hull – Paint Removal (Con)

8 February 2017

Almost completed the paint removal from the hull. Will finish cleaning out the caulking and apply some primer soon- we will be able to turn our full attention to the interior hull cleaning and rib replacement. (Motor and fuel tank to come out first – will book Rob in for this shortly).

Have unearthed two deep gouges on the starboard side – see pictures below.





Damage uncovered when paint removed.






Sunday 29 January 2017

Today I sketched up a plan for a new work bench – though not going into ANZAC I need this for my Christmas present to myself – the “Emcostar” – a multi tool bench mounted power tool – band saw, belt sander, orbital sander, table saw, grinder, drill, lath, router, etc…. good old Austrians!


Have made it so I can wheel it outside to keep the dust out of the garage. Picked up a desk from the local mower shop (free), it had no top and was going to recycle the draws on ANZAC but I felt they did not quite fit the bill. I removed the legs and center section just leaving me the draws – had to play with the timber slides as the bottom of the draws had “sanded” grooves in them (Simply pulled them out and put them back in upside down).

Two draws were unusable so will make an open shelf on one side, as well as a shelf in the middle. The idea is draws will hold all the components, and spare belts, blades etc for the Emcostar, and maybe a few other bits and bobs.

Just the shelves to go then its completed – sanded the draws as Grace decorated some of them with her “Street Art”.


Prep for Engine Removal

Saturday 28 January 2017

After mowing the lawns and cleaning out the garage I had some free time so jumped on ANZAC and started to disconnect the motor and fuel tank. I removed the batteries, battery stand, bulge pumps, disconnected the fuel lines, removed the redundant wiring, and pulled out the exhaust (full of water).

The last of the wheelhouse floor came out easily, but disconnecting the shaft looks as though it may take some persuasion from the angle grinder.

I located the motor hold down bolts and managed to loosen two of the four, the last two are in difficult to reach locations, but will have a better go at these later this week.