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Tender Cradle

5 February 2017

A few days ago I purchased the materials I needed to build a cradle for the tender (clinker), have been meaning to for some time to put this together. I spotted on the internet a few ideas and have modified to something I think will work.

With the adjustable straps (tie downs) supporting the boat I believe I can have the tender both up the right way and upside down – will see how it goes.


I cut out the frame on the 1st Feb and assembled on the 5nd Feb. I will attach some castor wheels to the base so I can wheel it in and out of the garage – keeping the dust out of the place.




More Trailer Stripping

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23rd October 2016

Continued stripping down the trailer – disassembled all parts, will need to replace the suspension, having trouble with one tire, noticed that one side of wheel nuts are a different size to the other side.

Winding gear OK just needs a new spring.

Have put on a coat of rust killer – only surface rust in some parts. Primer and top coats to come – that will be the next post.




Tender Trailer Stripping

October 17, 2016

While organizing the extraction of the motor from ANZAC I am working on the tender – currently not named. The trailer it comes on needs a re-paint so have started to clean and strip it down. Have loaded the grinder with a new disc and on with the cleaning.



14 September 2016 – Have been spending some time cleaning down a clinker I have purchased (late August) to use as the tender for ANZAC. I have a picture of the tender Captain Daniel had and was wanting to have something similar.


ANZAC’s tender in the 1920’s with “Spot”.


It came with a trailer (no WOF or REG) needs a bit of work so have been scratching around with that – will try to have this ready for this summer so the kids can have a play. It needs some work (naturally) but have cleaned her out and am now in the process of removing paint and repairs.