Calking Removal

7-8 February 2017

Have the use of some unskilled labour for the next few weeks (AKA dad and mum have arrived to help look after the place while the wife is in the UK). Have set dad to work removing the remainder of the caulking on the hull.

Am finding some areas are easier than others. In a number of locations there appears to be some over zealous caulking and some inner edges of the boards have been damaged.

Boat has dried out quite a bit now and some gaps have opened wide. I have been using a chisel (carefully) to remove the caulking compound – it seems to be the best tool – the one I have has the right shape on the sides to enable it to fit inside the join and flat on both the top and bottom board – without digging into the boards.

I am want to get the hull to a stage where I can apply some multi purpose primer, and leave it over the winter months while I work on the inside come April.


The “Speed-heater” has to be the best tool for removing paint – found it was fantastic for the paint above the waterline.




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