Weekly Update

Week ending 05 August 2018

Not much happened over the last week, more plugs (will need to make some more), sanding the superstructure and I made the steam box.

Sanding – was sick of plus so I sanded down the port side of the supper structure, working my way down to the hull, no pictures but very dusty.


Also cleaned up the inside of the hull where ribs removed.

Steam box – made from a 250mm dia PVC drainage pipe and a wall paper streamer, made some stands and inserted some spacers. I did a test run and it held the stream really well. I just need to add a condensation drain in the base.


1 thought on “Weekly Update

  1. Nigel Boyd

    Hi, thanks for sharing your project and expertise. Very inspiring.
    We have taken a similar project with the Rautangi a 1929 kauri planked bridge decker. I do not have the level of expertise that you have shown and have number of questions to ask.
    Please could I you give me your contact number if this is OK with you?
    Kind regards
    Nigel Boyd



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